Nigerian Bloggers

Nigerian Bloggers

In this group, we discuss perculiar issues facing Nigerian bloggers.

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This is the kind of stat our Accounts team see and waste no time in suspending the erring account.
How can you explain that ads were displayed only...
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This is the kind of stat our Accounts team see and waste no time in suspending the erring account.How can you explain that ads were displayed only 13times but then clicked 25 times.Are the site visitors coming to this Publishers blog only to come click ads? The funny part is that when you visit the publisher's site to look at the ad placement, you will now see the ads at the footer of the site.So visitors get to this publisher's site, scroll all the way down to the end of the Publisher's site just to click ads without engaging with other content at the top of the site.If you were a member of our accounts team and saw this stat, will you suspend or leave the account?Give the reason for the action you will take.…

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jacosky Hi blessingiyama, you've got a great article and also an evergreen one too but you have fallen short of reaching our criteria of actively running NG... Show more 7 months ago

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Black Friday Gift For Publishers

We love supporting Publishers who put in the hard work to write amazing content. So in the spirit of giving, we will promote just one article from...

Nigerian Bloggers
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Welcome aboard Alamin9582. Share your thoughts on my last post and let's move on from there.

Yesterday, I had a discussion with a Nigerian blogger and I believe that discussion needs to be had with other bloggers too.

In my little time of...
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